Broadcast 1074 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

19 Dec 2008 Irene Schneider
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Guest: Irene Schneider returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss the Phoenix Lander on Mars, radiation, and Martian astrobiology including the search for present and/or past microbial life on Mars. Our discussion with Irene covered many topics as we took a close look at the ongoing search for microbial life on Mars, how it is being carried out, and what the chances are for finding such life on Mars. We talked about the harsh environment and noted that even here on Earth life can exist in extremes, even in high radiation, so why not on Mars? Irene took us through the exploration and discovery process step by step, so don't miss this discussion. We also talked about a manned Mars mission, radiation and the types of radiation, possible shielding, and much more. Irene very carefully outlined the different types of radiation and what they mean both for the trip to Mars as well as trying to live on Mars. This too is a must hear discussion. In later segments of the show, one listener called in to ask about ethical issues in giving birth and raising children on Mars. This opened up an entirely new discussion train on the show, not just about pregnancy and radiation, but also the absence or low gravity and what that might mean for a pregnant woman in such an environment. We then delved into the public interest in Spain, Europe, and the United States for going to Mars, space development, science, math, etc. Irene, having performed her graduate work at an American university and currently living in Madrid, was able to provide us insights from all three of these environments. You will certainly want to hear what she had to say about these three areas and you might just be surprised at what you hear from her. Her Master's Thesis is at If you have a comment or question for Irene Schneider, please send it to me at and I will forward it to her.



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