Broadcast 429 (Special Edition)

19 Dec 2005 Dr. Robert Zubrin
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Dr. Robert Zubrin returned to The Space Show for this program. Dr. Zubrin began the discussion with a critique of the way NASA is running the Moon-Mars program. He is very concerned that this program as it is currently structured will not survive into the next administration and and he has a plan to alter the way NASA is doing the mission to assure success. Bob makes a very strong case for his plan to go to the Moon and on to Mars rather than the current NASA plan. His presentation is clear and articulate and you need to hear what he has to say and why he is saying it. Several listeners challenged Bob on the ability of NASA to even do the mission, on the idea of returning to the Moon and going to Mars rather than creating O'Neill-like L5 colonies, and on the general premise of why we have to go to Mars in 20 years or even at all. Again. Bob responds to these concerns and questions and very articulately spells out why our moving out into space is so important. We also spoke about the Mars Society and the coming conference in Washington, DC in August and noted that registration is now open for the conference at One listener sent an email to Bob regarding the presentation that he will be making at The Mars Society 2006 convention regarding the Orbiter Mars Direct Project. Dr. Zubrin was not familiar with this project but more information can be found on it at This interview with Dr. Zubrin is a must hear program. If you are called to action as Bob suggests, follow his recommendations for political action to help make a difference to assure our return to the Moon and going onward to Mars. Dr. Zubrin also mentioned that his company, Pioneer Astronautics, would soon be hiring engineers and others and suggested people interested should email him at Follow up questions or comments to this show can be sent to Dr. Zubrin at the above email address or to him in care of me at



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