Broadcast 289 (Special Edition)

19 Dec 2004 Professor Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz
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Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz returned to the program to give us a legal update on important matters influencing space development, space commerce and our road toward becoming space-faring. We began our discussion with a legal discussion of the concepts introduced in HR 5382. We explored what the term "informed consent" means as well as many aspects of this pending legislation and its impact upon the regulatory environment. Professor Gabrynowicz explained why this legislation brings stability to the newly developing suborbital space tourist launch business and she downplayed the concerns about excessive regulation. We also discussed the Outer Space Treaty, different components of it such as the difference between responsibility and liability, and should the US withdraw from the treaty or not. We got important updates from Professor Gabrynowicz on the change to ministerial status for the Russian Space Agency, pending Canadian remote sensing legislation, a space law conference coming up in Brazil, new US legislation restricting access to some commercial data through FOYA, reconsideration of the Moon Treaty and much more. Listeners asked about recent news items stating that the U.S. might shut down or restrict GPS here or abroad for national security and this discussion led to an explanation of usage for public assets even when taxpayers have paid for the assets. Professor Gabrynowicz even fielded a question about the legality of the US jamming or shutting down satellite feeds and broadcasts by Al Jazeera, the Arabic international news service. This was a most interesting space legal update which is now a regular feature of The Space Show with the courtesy of Professor Gabrynowicz. You will not want to miss this program.



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