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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston; Topics: We talked about many things including Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, space weaponization, creating a US Space Force, fusion energy, and more. 


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Welcome to our Open Lines two segment 121 minute discussion covering a variety of topics selected by the callers to the program.  As usual, as we started our discussion I put forth some suggested topics including commenting on the possibility of the US creating a new military branch known as the Space Force.  This suggested topic took hold today and proved to be the winner as the most frequent discussion topic by those calling the program.  But first, we took a call from Marshall in Oklahoma who wanted to comment on the Elon Musk story I mentioned up front given the news about his stress, problems with Tesla, SEC possible investigation and more.  Marshall made a comparison between Musk and Howard Hughes, saying why we needed these geniuses despite their behavior which was often quirky.  Marshall spent time with us explaining why he was comparing Musk to Hughes.  Listen carefully and let us know what you think? Was it a good comparison?  Share your thoughts with us on our blog.  Marshall mentioned some other historical leaders of industry and space but Hughes was his favorite point of comparison.

Freemont John called to mention that Dr. Paul Spudis has written an article about returning to the Moon and the space force.  John posted a link to the Spudis article on our blog so be sure to read it.  John suggested the focus was on infrastructure and cislunar space.  John's call was the last one of the first segment as our calls were long as was my list of suggested topics for today's program.

We started the second segment with a call form Ft. Worth John who started off wanting to talk about fusion energy.  John had many questions including wondering why government had not pursued fusion more strongly than it has. We also talked about alternative fusion ideas, electrostatic fusion, Lithium 6 and 7, Tritium and more.  I brought up the ITER, funding and progress for that project, plus he mentioned the alternative fusion fuels that were most often talked about and used.  He had much to say on fusion so don't miss this conversation.  Before ending his call, I asked John to comment on the Elon Musk story I mentioned up front and what he thought of it all and might it somehow impact SpaceX down the road.  Don't miss how John responded to my question.  The final topic discussed by John was the idea of the US creating a special space force military service.  We talked about GPS, the space economy, national security issues and more but came to no compelling position one way or the other thought as I said during the show multiple times, for the moment I was leaning in favor of the space force.

Michael Listner called to talk about the recent Geneva disarmament PAROS meeting.  I've posted an email from Michael on the blog with links to the articles he was talking about during his call so check them out.  Michael's call was comprehensive on the topic, not only in referencing the Geneva talks and the space weaponization going on by China and Russia, but also the misconception around the term "dominance" which has been used by the administration in explaining the need for the space force.  We drew similarities with the term dominance and the need to make sure space had free access for everyone much like the oceans.  I suggested this was like what our Navy does with keeping the seas open to all and enforcing innocent passage which we all want for space just like the oceans.  Michael talked about peaceful space usage and he role of the space force in ensuring that state as a reality.  Don't miss all of what Michael said and be sure to read the articles from his email that I have placed on the blog.

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The topics you want to talk about; 1st time callers OK, science, space, STEM, STEAM welcome

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19 Aug 2018 Dr. David Livingston
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