Broadcast 1347 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: policy, Obama Space, commercial space, various space start-ups. This was a two hour plus OPEN LINES program with almost non stop listener telephone calls in addition to email and chat. We started our fist segment with a phone call from Bob Zimmerman. Bob did a 15 minute or so rant on Obama space, the April 15 space conference at the Cape and more so don't miss this energetic start for this program. At the end of Bob's comments, he spoke about some of the new Climategate issues that have come up and that he was going to discuss on national radio later in the evening. Mark Bray then called in and had much to say about our space policy, ISS, shuttle extension, and more. We fielded emails from Joe in Houston about parallels with canceling the Apollo program and today. Many listeners commented on Joe's question. Joe also introduced us to Vasimr as a discussion topic and it was brought up several times during this program, both as to being on the ISS and in deep space. As we started the second segment, Paul Graham of the open source Open Luna project called in. You can find out more about his project at but he answered several questions and provided us with much information. If you are interested in more information about his open source project, contact him through their website or Since he was calling in from Canada, I asked him for a Canadian perspective on the administration's space policy budget and suggested direction for NASA. You will want to hear his comments on this. John in Atlanta called in, spoke about shuttle, Orion, Vasimr and more. Amnon called in regarding Astronauts For Hire and suborbital space development. Dave Ketchledge called in to talk nuclear with us and human factors and engineering. We also fielded many other emails about the ISS, commercial space, space policy, and various companies such as SpaceX. At the end of the program, Terry phoned in to strongly urge the acceptance of the path that both NASA and Lockheed are presenting, he talked about his confidence in SpaceX which I shared and the fact that we are at an important crossroads regarding space. Listen to his suggested approach and see if you concur. Charles Pooley was our final caller just before I shut the program down for the evening and he talked about the new paradigm he promotes and Microlaunchers ( If you have a question or comment for any of the listeners that participated in tonight's show, send it to me at and I will forward it to the person of your choice.



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19 Apr 2010 Dr. David Livingston
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