Broadcast 328 (Special Edition)

19 Apr 2005 Dr. Eleanor O'Rangers, Linda Plush
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Linda Plush and Dr. Eleanor O'Rangers of the Space Nursing Society were the guests for this program. They spoke about various aspects and details of human factors affecting space travel. This discussion ranged from factors that impact well-trained astronauts to the factors most likely going to impact the average space tourist. These factors include space sickness, acceleration problems, medicines, female reproductive issues, bone issues, possible mental issues and lots more. This was a wide ranging discussion focusing on the short term suborbital flight to long duration space flights to Mars, as well as futuristic lunar and Martian settlements. In response to questions, the issue of treating illness in space came up as did informed consent, claustrophobia, cardiac problems, the lack of trained medical personnel on a space tourist flight, and the difference of vertical launch versus horizontal launch for space tourists. This is one of the most comprehensive Space Show programs ever on the topic of human factors for space travel. You will not want to miss this program. Also visit the Space Nursing Society website for more information and for email addresses for contacting Ms. Plush and Dr. O'Rangers. The URL is



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