Broadcast 215 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

19 Apr 2004 Dr. Robert Zubrin
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Dr. Robert Zubrin, founder of The Mars Society and noted author, was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Dr. Zubrin discussed major elements with the new space policy initiative proposed by Pres. Bush and now being considered by various agencies, committees, and organizations. Dr. Zubrin went into some detail regarding NASA, congress, and the technical parameters of the proposed program, stating clearly that it was just a first step among many that would need to be taken to realize getting humans to Mars. Dr. Zubrin discussed the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe's plan to deorbit it. We discussed the importance of Hubble and why Mr. O'Keefe is pushing for its demise. Dr. Zubrin debunked the safety issues claimed by Mr. O'Keefe and mentioned several ways that Space Show listeners could help save Hubble from the stupidity of its detractor. The Mars Society was very much a part of our discussion and questions from Space Show listeners. In addition, we talked about Dr. Zubrin's current book which is a science fiction satire about the Middle East and the war on terrorism, "The Holy Land." Both Dr. Zubrin and I read from parts of this book. In the Special Edition part of the program, Dr. Zubrin discussed nuclear power propulsion for going to Mars and beyond, the different types of nuclear power propulsion, and his proposed Mars Direct program.



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