Broadcast 386 (Special Edition)

18 Sep 2005 Dr. Jordin Kare
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Dr. Jordin Kare returned to The Space Show for this special program. We began the interview discussion with some updates from Dr. Kare regarding laser launch possibilities. One of the major areas that Dr. Kare talked about was the use of many smaller lasers joined together rather than one huge laser as it is believed that this will lower laser costs and add to the plausibility of using laser systems. One listener asked Dr. Kare to explain the difference between lasers being discussed on the show and those used in a doctors office. We also discussed lasers as weapons on earth, with airplanes and possibly in space. This led to a discussion about nuclear power and a brief discussion about modern fission developments that make it attractive for use other than with public perception and the complicated relationships among technology, business, and government. Dr. Kare provided us with his suggestion to use laser launch to shoot nuclear waste into deep space, a subject that received good discussion given questions by informed listeners. Dr. Kare also discussed his favorite ideas for alternative energy, starting with space solar power satellites. Dr. Kare discussed the energy needed for the laser, especially with something on the order of the space elevator. This led to a space elevator discussion and you will certainly want to hear what Dr. Kare has to say about the space elevator, possible financing issues, and more. We also talked about many issues related to raising capital for alternative or even laser projects, both from the private sector as well as the government. Don't miss his right on analysis! At one point in response to a listener's question, Dr. Kare even discussed the possibility of our someday having personal lasers. Listeners interested in contacting Dr. Kare can do so through me at and I will be sure to forward your notes, comments, and questions to him.



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