Broadcast 259 (Special Edition)

18 Sep 2004 Taylor Dinerman
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Taylor Dinerman, space investigative writer and military space expert was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Dinerman provided Space Show listeners with new insights into the military space program, the role of the U.S. Air Force in space, and also the role of the military from other nations in space activities. He also discussed the reality of dual use technology and infrastructure items with the civilian/private-sector and the military. Mr. Dinerman provided us with new insights in the Space Exploration Vision proposed by President Bush earlier this year, the Aldridge Commission, and he reported to us on the attitudes and changes that are undergoing in NASA at this time. Mr. Dinerman has superb sources and first-hand contacts so his information is specific and current. In addition, we discussed the possibility of the U.S. cooperating with China in its space program and if that is a sound approach to take with China and space development. We discussed Hubble, the return to flight for the shuttle, the likelihood of the space elevator being realized anytime soon - his answer might surprise you, and Mr. Dinerman shared some new insights with us regarding satellite defense and offense, explaining to us the concept of "counter space." Toward the end of the program, the X-Prize was cited for its important contribution that it is making to pushing us forward with space development and he spoke about both the da Vinci Project from Canada and Space Ship One in Mojave. You will not want to miss this program as Taylor Dinerman expands our knowledge on many important, timely, and interesting topics.



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