Broadcast 271 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

18 Oct 2004 Jim Benson
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Jim Benson, CEO of SpaceDev ,returned to The Space Show to talk about the success of SpaceShipOne, the SpaceDev rocket engine, the new plans for business and growth with SpaceDev, and more. He was asked for his opinion on converting the Space Shuttle to a heavy lift vehicle, on returning to the Moon and going to Mars, how SpaceDev hires engineers for the company and if he feels if space advocacy organizations have been an important contributor to helping businesses like SpaceDev get through the regulatory hurdles. Several listeners asked Jim technical rocket engine questions and shared their experience with him from having worked on the shuttle and what would be involved to convert it to a heavy lift vehicle. Mr. Benson was also asked about asteroid commerce and laying claim to an asteroid for economic value, either by going to the asteroid or through telepresence. Jim talked about visitors to SpaceDev being able to tour the facilities, outreach programs with schools and the SpaceDev financial and business position which is quite healthy. In response to a listener question, he explained how it is that SpaceDev can work on multiple projects for multiple clients and not have conflicts of interest. This is an important and interesting program. Make sure you hear it all as Jim Benson talked about these and other interesting topics.



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