Broadcast 835 (Special Edition)

18 Nov 2007 Dr. Mark J. Sundahl
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Dr. Mark Sundahl was our guest for this most informative Space Show program. How many listeners are familiar with the UNIDROIT working group and the Space Assets Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment? I was not aware of it and in asking many of my UND guest speakers, graduate students, and faculty members, there appears to be far too little awareness of this Convention, a convention that has the potential to facilitate commercial space development and financing on an international basis. Dr. Sundahl talked with us about this Convention, he explained it, and he helped us to understand its application across a wide stretch of commercial space activities, including suborbital space tourism. I am sure you will find this to be new and interesting and Mark encourages your feedback and support. He can be reached by email at In addition to discussing the Cape Town Convention, we talked other space law issues with the listeners including courts of jurisdiction, various liability issues and nations willing to submit to an international and domestic court, asset based space financing, point A to point B transportation and the regulations that might be involved, proprietary lunar remote sensing and the requirement to share it with other nations, the Rescue Treaty and its application to spaceflight participants and much more. This is an important Space Show program and when you listen to it, I am sure you will concur. Don't hesitate to contact Mark with your comments, questions, and inquiries regarding the Cape Town Convention.



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