Broadcast 945 (Special Edition)

18 May 2008 Amaresh Kollipara
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Guest: Amaresh Kollipara, Founder and Managing Partner of Earth2Orbit, LLC, was the guest for today. During the first segment of the show, Amaresh told us about Earth2Orbit and the procurement of commercial launch services using Indian launchers. As a result of listener questions and comments, Amaresh discussed student and academic payloads as potential customers for his services, he outlined a time table and the preliminaries of their business plan for starting out with about a launch per quarter or four launches per year. We talked about possible drivers for getting that launch rate up to help drop launch prices. ITAR came up several times and you will want to hear what he had to say about it and its effect on his business plans. During the second segment of the program, we talked about space economics and entrepreneurism. We spoke both in general and about specific projects like space solar power. A listener asked him for his business rules for emerging and entrepreneurial space companies, so you will want to hear this discussion. Amaresh was also asked to tell about the entrepreneurial opportunity that he believed most likely capable of producing a profit at this time. You might be surprised, listen and hear what he has to say. Other topics discussed in this segment dealt with satellites and software, markets, the real product being sold (not necessarily space), suborbital space tourism, and more. In the final segment, we continued talking about business and entrepreneurism SSP and political policy. We also talked about extravagant rhetoric and the damage it does to the professional financial community when looking into space investments. Amaresh commented about the space investment forums and why they are necessary even at this early stage of commercial space development. At the end of the show, he offered us an excellent summary of the important topics discussed today, connecting all the dots for us and the various space threads for our varied topics of discussion. You can email Amaresh Kollipara with your comments or questions by using



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