Broadcast 524 (Special Edition)

18 Jul 2006 Dr. Jordin Kare
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Dr. Jordin Kare returned to The Space Show to update us on laser launch. Laser launch, as we learned from Dr. Kare, is making progress and the price for components is coming down. In this program, we learned the basics and the theory behind laser launch, we discussed many of its applications from LEO uses, to launching nuclear waste to deep space, to space solar power, and to playing a significant role in the VSE in conjunction with on orbit construction. We discussed the economics of laser launch and how it supports the space elevator. We also talked about this launch system compared to space elevator and why this is likely a more plausible and preferred launch system. Certainly it can be brought on line faster and cheaper than the space elevator. You will not want to miss this show and Dr. Kare provided us with important new information. If you have questions or comments for Dr. Kare, please send them to me at and I will promptly forward them to Dr. Kare.



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