Broadcast 894 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

18 Feb 2008 Rick Citron
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Guest: Rick Citron. Rick Citron was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss what it takes to be successful with a space business. This is a must-hear program for space businessmen and women, for entrepreneurs, or those considering their own business of any kind. Some of the important business concepts Rick talked about included the need for the entrepreneur to build a team of qualified and experienced people and to have the ability to let go of different jobs and work in favor of those team members who can do these jobs better than the entrepreneur. As for space businesses, a listener asked Mr. Citron about the illusive "killer application." As you will hear, Mr. Citron went through a brief history of what, at the time, was thought to be a killer ap, but did not turn out to be so. Listen to what he has to say about this and the future of the killer ap idea for space commerce. Clearly, space tourism is a favorite for Rick Citron. We discuss some of the market and financial aspects of space tourism, so don't miss this discussion. China and their space policy came up in the context of military space as well as economic development. A listener asked Rick to tell us how he visualized China in the not too distant future and how this might impact the American economy. This led to an extensive discussion about China which is far from limited to space. Don't miss it! Another listener asked Rick about frequent launching of small rockets and their small payloads versus heavy lift with fewer, but very large payloads. Rick expressed a definite preference and good explanation for the why behind his preference. Again, this is a very important discussion to hear. Towards the end of the show, a listener asked about creative entrepreneurism and opportunity in small town America versus what might be available in a major city or metropolitan area such as Los Angeles. Rick provided a very good answer to this based on his real life experience with many successful entrepreneurs. In short, creativity is everywhere, but opportunity is more abundant in the major areas, so they need to be prepared to move to LA or a similar location. He details the strategy that many entrepreneurs have used to address this issue. In looking forward to the future, he is very bullish on commercial space opportunities and the use of new ways to do media projects for 2008 and beyond for the benefit of us all and for space. These are very important observations, so don't miss them. If you have a question or comment for Rick Citron, please forward your email to him at or me at



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