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We welcomed Michael Listner back to the program for this 2 hour 8 minute discussion on 2016 domestic and international space policy and law matters.  During our first segment, we focused on the domestic side of policy, law and legislative issues.  Among the topics discussed included the American Space Renaissance Act and how parts of it are being used in separate legislation. We also talked about Moon Express, lunar licenses from the FAA AST, and issues with the Outer Space Treaty (OST). 

One issue we spent time discussing was the Enhanced Payload Review.  Michael explained this in detail and why it was so important.  In addition, Michael spent time talking about the RD 180 issue and Senator John McCain.  Michael talked about the new vulnerabilities to Sen. McCain given changes taking place in his senate committee as a result of the election and the Trump administration, the Senate Armed Services Committee.  We will probably hear more about RD 180 issues plus issues with the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act but Michael thought we would continue using the RD 180 until a replacement was available 

Michael had news to report on the Georgia Spaceflight Act which is designed to put into place a Georgia spaceport.  Much was said about this, including Georgia wanting to adopt no liability and no nuisance legislation.  Don't miss Michael's comments on this issue.  I questioned the availability of a viable market for a Georgia spaceport.  In the end, Michael suggested they were getting the legislation in place for the day there would be a market for the spaceport.  A type of Field of Dreams approach.  Before the segment ended, Michael was asked about the probable Trump administration space policy. 

We started the second segment by taking two email questions from listeners.  The first from Burton in Montreal dealt with Senator McCain's probable agenda on his senate committee.  The second question was from Doug commenting on what Michael said might be the choices for the new NASA administrator.  I then moved the discussion to the Moon Treaty as Michael had lots of good current information on this treaty in The Precis newsletter for Dec. 15, 2016

According to the information in The Precis, Venezuela has now accepted the Moon Treaty making the total accepting it in one form or another at 21.  It was worth nothing that Saudi Arabia ratified the treaty in 2012 and Kuwait signed on in 2014.  We speculated on what type of power there might be with the Moon Treaty with this number of participants in it.  One of the things Michael said was that no major space power had signed onto it.  Russia was still not part of it nor was the U.S. or China.  While several European nations were part of it, the EU is not, nor is Japan but India has been part of it since 1982.  Don't miss all of Michael's comments regarding the Moon Treaty.

In this segment we talked about various European space agencies and the creation of multiple space policies including the deep space resource and mining program by Luxembourg.  New Zealand's space agency and law were discussed, especially in the context of Rocket Lab launching from New Zealand.  As part of our discussion, we looked at Denmark, the UAE, the Philippines, and India.  Later in this segment, Doug inquired about the 2017 March Storm agenda.  Before we ended the segment, Michael quickly commented on the litigation with Orbital ATK and U.S. Space, LLC. 

Before the segment ended, Helen asked Michael about the campaign comments made by Mr. Trump re space and potholes as compared to what he appears to be doing with the Landing Team and his transition regarding space.  Don't miss what Michael had to say about it.  Also before the end, Rick asked about nuclear propulsion, fusion, regulation, and the new administration.  

Please note that other topics were discussed in this program.  Check them out in the key words or tags archived with this show.  To get a sample of Michael's newsletter The Precis, visit  You can reach Michael through me or his main website address,  Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog which is part of this archived program on The Space Show website.




Space Legal and policy 2016 review

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18 Dec 2016 Michael Listner
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