Broadcast 1262 (Special Edition)

18 Dec 2009 Dr. John Jurist
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Guest: Dr. John Jurist. Topics: Ares 1, civility in space advocacy. Dr. John Jurist returned to The Space Show to discuss his December 7, 2009 Space Review article, "Ares 1, The Space Advocacy Community and the Media." You can read this article at In our first segment, Dr. Jurist introduced us to his Space Review article by dividing it into two segments dealing with Ares 1 and space advocacy civility. Dr. Jurist cited many examples to make his points including interviews with ATK re Ares 1, and more. He also commented on a few of the email comments that were posted in the comments section of his article. I read an email question to him from listener Kelly which was summarized by the question "Why shouldn't the space advocacy community viciously hate and attack the program (referring to Ares 1)?" Dr. Jurist also started addressing a frequent issues raised by many and that is that SRBs are not as safe for human spaceflight as liquids. This was specifically referenced for the vibrational and oscillation issues that are well discussed regarding Ares 1. In the second segment, Dr. Rygalov replied regarding my earlier question about Soviet liquid rockets and vibration problems for the cosmonauts. I read his note and my original question on air so make sure you hear it as it pertains to this continued discussion pitting SRB against the liquid. In the end I suggested that we need non-NASA rockets that serve the mission and I used a truck rental analogy to make the point. During this segment, John returned to the civility issue and commented on additional specific emails by a few of those that had posted hostile and offensive notes on his Space Review article. I would urge you to read the comments on that article and see what you think. We started the third segment with John's take on the space media. We talked about the NASA press conferences we both attended as part of the ATK Ares 1 5 segment static test and what we heard among those in attendance. Dr. Jurist mentioned that he thought the use of the present tense for events or other things that do not yet exist by the advocacy community confuses many and results in some of the rhetoric that he was bringing to our attention on this show. See if you agree with his comments. Toward the end of this segment, commercial space became the subject and we addressed restrictions due to ITAR. A listener asked how he could tell if he was getting a spin job when either reading or listening to a space news story. I suggested doing due diligence research on the issue but am aware that this is labor and time intensive. As we started the fourth and final segment, I read a question by email from Daniel in Australia about subjecting humans to lunar or some other g force to minimize skeletal problems. This provided an interesting discussion and again, a plea for the need of a centrifuge on the ISS to answer these important questions. The Pelosi interview with Florida Today came up again and we talked about her lack of support for going to Mars, her comments about job creation and the overall human spaceflight program. I also mentioned the findings of the Dittmar Associates study about those in the Gen Y group that do not support a humans to Mars mission. Dr. Jurist talked about this problem and then we moved toward the end of the program by his again repeating that by practicing civility in our space comments and discussions, we do much more for space advocacy and development than by doing otherwise. If you have comments or questions for Dr. John Jurist, please email him at



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