Broadcast 855 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

18 Dec 2007 Robert (Rob) Godwin
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Guest: Robert Godwin. Robert Godwin, owner of Apogee Books, was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Godwin just released his own new book through Apogee, "The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook: A Pictorial History of Lunar Vehicles." During the show, Rob explained how he found and researched the color plates now found on every page of this book. He also told listeners about his motivation for compiling these images and writing this book. Rob and I signaled out a few images to discuss in detail during the program. In addition to Rob telling us facts and the history behind many of the lunar vehicles in his book, other questions about space history came up. Listeners asked about the British Interplanetary Society, Dr. Wernher von Braun, original Apollo era NASA contractors, and more. One of the points made during our discussion was about the large amount of contractors participating in the Apollo mission versus the smaller number of contractors still around and working today. You will want to hear this discussion. Another listener asked about the willingness of Apollo-era engineers, scientists, and project managers to assure they learned from those that had done work before them, sometimes researching technology and ideas from as far back as the 1930's. Rob was asked if he thought people involved in New Space and those working on the VSE are also going back through history in order to better understand and learn what was done previously in order to better advance the work today. You will want to hear how Rob answers this question. In discussing Apogee Books, there were several questions such as how an author should submit his manuscript to the company, the acceptance and rejection rate of manuscripts, hints for authors, and more. I asked Rob if the collector’s edition of their Saturn V book was still available and we learned there are only about 20 of these special books still available. Listen to our discussion about this special book. If you are interested in books which are one of a kind, this is a must have book. In addition, if you order the “Lunar Exploration Scrapbook” off the Apogee website, you get the hardback version not available in most stores as well as a special offer which Rob describes on the show and is on their website. The Apogee website is If you want to contact Rob Godwin, do so through their website at using Please put Rob/The Space Show in the subject line.



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