Broadcast 813 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

17 Oct 2007 Frank Sietzen
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Frank Sietzen returned to The Space Show for this special program. Frank brought us up to date regarding the VSE in a comprehensive discussing ranging from the technical and the engineering to the policy and educational components needed for the VSE to be successful. Many listeners participated in this discussion which is a must listen to show. Frank detailed the budget aspects of the VSE and the state of our nation and brought them both together so we could understand what supporters of the VSE are facing in the coming election. As we continued talking about the VSE, congress, and more, we started discussing science and Frank recommended several science sources to explore to support what he was sharing with us. Here is the link to one of the reports from AAAS, In addition, he talked about spin-offs and suggested we explore the NASA spinoff website, His discussion tells how to make space relevant for everyone. A listener asked about China and other national space programs. You will certainly want to hear what Frank Sietzen has to say about the competing national space programs and what it may mean for America if we fall behind in leading the world on space. There is much more to this discussion which was extended to almost two hours. You can contact Frank Sietzen with your comments and questions by emailing him at



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