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Guest:  Michael Listner; Topics:  Artemis Accords, new E.O on space resources, National Space Policy, commercial space development, lunar return, international accords, and more.

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We welcomed back Michael Listner for a two segment 95 minute discussion regarding the new Artemis Accords, the April 6th Executive Order on Encouraging International Support for the Recovery and Use of Space Resources," and a new National Space Policy. Additional topics came up during the program but we started off with our guest saying the Accords and the EO were substantial and very important.  For most of the first segment, Michael explained why and supported his contention that we were moving ahead in the right direction with these new policy initiatives.  It is important you listen to Michael's commentary during this part of the program.  Share your thoughts with us by posting your comments on our blog for this show.  Michael was clearly excited by these policy developments. 

Part of Michael's discussion focused on debunking the idea that the US would consider space a global commons plus we effectively threw cold water on what remained of the Moon Treaty.  Michael did mention and discuss some blowback to the Accords and the EO but he did not believe it would be substantial. He also spoke highly of the multilateral and bilateral process now underway, especially with Luxembourg and the UAE.  He was asked if all of this could be cancelled with a different administration resulting from our upcoming November elections but he did not think that was the case and he explained why.  He commented that he thought the strategy being pursued by the administration was a good one to make the new Accords and EO bullet proof with additional support signed onto the program with other countries. 

Fremont John called to ask if what Michael was talking about was lawfare per an earlier Space Show program where he introduced us to the concept of lawfare.  Michael said yes but listen to the full discussion on this topic.  Later, Michael was asked if the lunar return timelines of 2024 and 2028 were crucial to the concept being the EO and The Artemis Accords.  Don't miss how Michael responded.  Next, Sherry sent in an email asking if we were actually in a lunar space race with China.  Michael said yes but don't miss all of what he said about a China lunar space race.  Paul's email was next with an inquiry about our increasing debt interfering with lunar and commercial space plans.  Michael said that this was an unknown at this time.  Our guest did say we were on the right track and while there might be delays due to external reasons such as the virus, the process was underway and even Russia was interested in the Accords and mining. 

Listener Bill sent in a note asking Michael if he knew or had any idea about the person or people in the Administration pulling the strings to promote this policy and commercial space. Michael said he did not know of any specific people but that lots were supportive of it and President Trump being a businessman got it about the importance of commercial space.  I asked Michael if he thought space tourism or settlement would be a significant factor moving forward with the new policies.  You might be surprised by what he said in response to this question.  Betsy from Memphis asked Michael if the recent public behavior by Musk re Tesla and Fremont, CA might show Musk in an unfriendly light and cause problems for SpaceX going forward.  The issue also came up about a Musk failure with the Dragon human flight to the ISS later this month.  Don't miss how Michael responded to these questions regarding both Musk and SpaceX.

Space as a global commons and the Moon Treaty were part of our discussion.  Chris from NYC suggested that these new programs were nothing more than our turning our back on poor nations not able to do things in space on their own.  Michael did reply to Chris with an attempt to show him that what Chris was suggesting was not accurate.  How about you the listener posting your thoughts on this issue on our blog so Chris can get an idea of how others think about what he said.  Other topics that came up as we neared the end of the program including why we don't just go to Mars and questions about Space Force leadership.  Michael was also asked about NASA Administrator Bridenstine scolding China on their Long March 5 launch and booster issues with debris. Michael explained the problem for our audience regarding the launcher's main boosters and orbit.  Before ending the program, Michael talked about his newsletter The Precis which you can learn about here:  Michael has also started a YouTube channel, Space Thoughts.  You can check it out here:

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Michael talks Artemis Accords, the new E.O. & the new National Space new ideas re using space resources

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17 May 2020 Michael Listner
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