Broadcast 910 (Special Edition)

17 Mar 2008 Robert Zimmerman
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Guest: Robert Zimmerman returned to The Space Show and we started our discussion mentioning what was happening with the current Shuttle Endeavor flight. This led Bob to mention that Endeavor was going to be the back-up safety shuttle for the Hubble repair mission which is planned for late August of this year. As Bob has a new book coming out this May, "The Universe in a Mirror: The Saga of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Visionaries Who Built It," we embarked on a comprehensive discussion of the Hubble Space Telescope, its original mirror problems and resolution, the upcoming repair mission, and the potential life expectancy of Hubble after the current repairs are made. Many other topics came up for discussion including the private sector, the VSE, NASA, funding issues, our recent satellite shoot down and U.S. space policy, and much more. Toward the end of the program, we embarked on some controversial subjects as Bob espoused a strong belief in space freedom for everyone, suggesting that when settlements are established in space, the space settlers themselves will rebel against many of the regulations and prohibitions now in place regarding space access. Bob talked a lot about competition during this program and when asked about space access for third world countries and countries without the means to get to space, he said if they wanted it bad enough, they need to get their house in order and compete for it like India and other nations have and are still doing. Another important topic for today's program included a discussion about humans travelling to Mars. Here, I referenced a review of a recent book about the subject by Dr. Don Rapp and a Space Review article of today's date. We also read a post from the Space Cynics site regarding our current economic problems and what this may mean for space development, I asked Bob if he thought our space program could be seriously damaged or derailed by our current economic woes and a possible recession. Don't miss this discussion. I have no doubt that many of you who listen to this show will be very supportive of what Bob is talking about and many of you will be on the launch pad with your own ballistic missile ready to fire off for comments deemed "offensive." Lots of listener questions asked Bob about many space topics so this is a must hear program. You can visit Bob's website at His email address for your comments and questions can be found at the bottom of his main website page and is



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