Broadcast 964 (Special Edition)

17 Jun 2008 William Watson
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Guest: William Watson, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF), was the guest for this show to discuss the upcoming NewSpace 2008 conference, July 17-19, 2008 in Washington, DC. Will went over the list of speakers and panels, noted that the conference is single track unlike many other conferences, and responded to listener questions about students, NASA participation, side trips to possibly Goddard or Wallops, and much more. We talked about space education and career opportunities, specifically with the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. You can find out more about the conference and SFF by visiting For those of you intending to register for the conference, you should do so prior to July 1 in order to avoid a price increase. The same holds true for the online hotel reservation. If you visit you can check out the preliminary agenda, which is action-packed with important programming and topics. We also talked about networking at the conference and its added value to conference attendees. We also talked about the Space Contest which you can find on their website at There were listener questions about the SFF membership and the e-newsletter. Both are free and as Will explained, SFF is not a membership organization. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, visit If you have questions or comments about the conference, SFF, or anything related to this show, please contact Will at



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