Broadcast 733 (Special Edition)

17 Jun 2007 Robert Zimmerman
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Robert Zimmerman returned for this Space Show program. This time our conversation went across many subjects from NASA culture, to NASA award giving, credibility with the public, Administrator Griffin and his global warming comments, the ISS computer issues, the Shuttle, Direct 2, the Hubble, and much more. Bob went into depth about the importance of returning to the Moon, congressional funding, how the public feels about the VSE program, private sector versus public sector and taxpayer funding of space programs. Bob talked about spin-offs, job creation, wealth building and even the potential for competition from China, Russia, India or some other nation. In the last few minutes of the show, we discussed Russia launching from the Arianne site and what this might mean for the commercial launch business, we talked about a possible supernova start in our galaxy and Eris. Bob was full of passion and energy for this Space Show program as he shared with us his insights and understandings of what is happening right now with our space program. He is more than happy to receive your comments and questions so email him at



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