Broadcast 571

The Space Foundation Conference

17 Jul 2007 Michael Belfiore
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This is a Deep Space Message by Michael Belfiore, author, speaker and Space Show guest. Here is Michael's message: Greetings! You've reached the human civilization in the early 21st century on planet Earth. We're the third planet from our sun on the western spiral arm of the galaxy.... Well, you know where to find us. Now, tell us where you are, and we'll send out a probe to meet you. We regret that we cannot meet you in person yet, unless you come to us...and, well, maybe you'd better hold off on that for the moment. Things are a mess down here. They really are. We're currently spending most of our natural resources on ingenious new ways of killing each other off. But some of us have gotten the idea that that probably isn't a good use of our time and energy, and we're trying to get the others with the program. We'll get back to you when we do and we can put more of those resources into getting off planet. Meantime, enjoy the music and filmed entertainment currently making its way toward you from this same time and location. With warm regards, Michael Belfiore on behalf of The People of Earth.



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