Broadcast 361 (Special Edition)

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Charles Miller, CEO of Constellation Services International, Inc. (CSI), was the guest for this Space Show Program. Mr. Miller brought us up to date with CSI activities and programs, including a contractor with t/Space and the CSI Lunar Express System. This discussion evolved to exploring NASA, its leadership under the new administrator, and some of its programming and planned programming. Mr. Miller spoke a lot about the importance of reality checks and business planning and the need to be equally attentive to the political landscape that can influence space policy and businesses. Mr. Miller answered many listener questions ranging from the new Space Exploration Vision Program, returning to the Moon, commercial opportunities on the Moon, lunar settlement development and how to make it permanent rather than a repeat of the Apollo program with footprints on the Moon and then home again. We talked about going to Mars, commercial options for Mars as well as near-Earth asteroids. The subjects of suborbital rockets and the International Space Station were also discussed in some detail from the perspective of this Space Show program. You can learn more by visiting the CSI website at Please direct your questions or comments to me at and I will forward them to Mr. Miller.



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17 Jul 2005 Charles Miller
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