Broadcast 1292 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Jeff Greason. Topics. Augustine Commission, commercial space, advanced technology, orbital fuel depots and propellant storage, and XCOR Aerospace. Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR Aerospace and a member of the Augustine Commission Panel was our guest for this incredible two hour ten minute program. Rather than describe this program segment by segment, let me say that Jeff started out talking about the Augustine Commission work, spent some time talking about XCOR and Lynx near the end of the show, but then returned to the space policy and the Augustine Commission discussion as the show drew to an end. In listening to this program, you will hear in a logical progression of a complete and thorough analysis of the Augustine Commission suggestions and work. Jeff does a comprehensive explanation of the flexible path and you must hear it. He does the same for discussions about heavy lift and astronaut safety and this or that rocket or piece of hardware. He took us through a risk evaluation discussion that was equally important. We addressed solids versus liquid rockets, the importance of a rocket track record, and buying commercial instead of procurement. He talked about the reality of bending metal and making something versus view graphs or Power Points only. He fielded great supportive as well as critical questions, both with callers and through email and chat. His explanations for commercial space as used in the Augustine Commission were excellent and his discussion on NASA culture is memorable. We also talked about advanced propulsion and the extreme importance of bringing new technology on line, but the difficulty NASA has in doing so. Jeff emphasized the need for orbital fuel depots and propellant storage. In the last segment we spent time talking about XCOR, South Korea, and the Lynx vehicle, but listeners took us right back to space policy and the Augustine Commission. I urge each of you to listen to the full show. Jeff Greason did an outstanding job of presenting the work, the issues, and analytical processes that were used by the Augustine Commission while facing very hard and challenging issues addressed in their report. If you have questions or comments for Jeff Greason, please send them to me at and I will be more than happy to forward them to Mr. Greason.



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17 Jan 2010 Mr. Jeff Greason
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