Broadcast 3986 Dr. Peter Hague from the UK

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Guest:  Peter Hague; Topics:  Peter discussed his Planetocracy blog moving to substack plus a few of the major articles on the blog.  We also discussed UK space, space international with the US, China, Russia and the EU plus much more.

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We welcomed Peter Hague of the UK back to the program.  For the best program discussion guide, use the tags for this show as they fairly and accurately describe what we talked about during this broadcast.  For your convenience, the tags are reprinted below:

Tags:  Peter Hague, Peter's blog Planetocracy Blog Migrating to Substack, Space For 8 billion people, zero sum game, NetZero carbon 2025, space naysayers, SLS vs. Falcon: A Mass Value Analysis, Universal Bureaucrats, Artemis, Orion, calculations for the mass value analysis, China, Chinese Russian collaboration, the Chinese military power, SpaceX, UK space and the EU, UK Space leadership, Five year forecast, ten year forecast, government space agencies, U.S. Space Force, potential space conflicts, solar panels on the Moon and Blue Origin, Blue Origin and ULA

.Items of interest grabbing my attention included the questions and commentary on the UK and space given it was once decades ago a leader in space tourism concepts and vehicle ideas. The British Interplanetary Society and their Journal and been a force and leader in the industry since its founding. Surry Satellite has been the small sat rocket launch vehicle of choice for decades.  Peter did do a decent attempt to explain the decline but what do you think caused it?  Post your response on our blog.

I also thought the mass volume discussion was an important one. We have had similar discussions with other guests, most recently Clay Mowry from Feb. 21, 2023, understanding this concept and grasping the importance of it is key to understanding trends in place today that will likely amplify in the coming years. It may also change the way missions are economically planned and driven. Pay attention to what Peter had to say and with that in mind, listen to the similar discussion with Clay from the 21st.  Your blog comments on this subject are very much welcome.

During the last few years the naysayer topic has been a discussion on multiple Space Show programs.  Peter gave it a go at explaining it as it pertains to space.  Time for you to chime in on this topic as its not going away.  Does it matter?  Solutions needed?  What do think?

Peter went over many of his most recent blog articles and we had short discussions about them.  Peter's blog, now on substack, should be an important one for you to follow. 

Please post your comments/questions for Peter on this program page.  You can reach our guest through me or through his blog for which the address was given out on air toward the end of our close to 90 minute program.




Peter returns re his blog commentary on Planetocracy

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17 Feb 2023 Dr. Peter Hague
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