Broadcast 1309 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

17 Feb 2010 Dr. Angie Bukley
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Guest: Dr. Angie Bukley. Topics: Space and its various meanings, importance, and development. Dr. Angie Bukley returned for this special one hour program to discuss her latest book co-edited with Dr. Joe Pelton and published by Apogee, "The Farthest Shore: A 21st Century Guide to Space." This book is available through the One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF) Amazon Partners website at If you buy the book through OGLF, Amazon makes an important contribution to OGLF/The Space Show. The direct OGLF URL is We started our discussion by asking Dr. Bukley about the concluding chapter first, Chapter 12: The Meaning of It All because this chapter sums up the many reasons why we value space, its development, and why we want to go to space. Its one of the best responses to these questions which are always asked both within the space community as well as in the general population. Dr. Bukley suggested that an overriding theme from this last chapter was the need for people to explore . There were questions about ISU students, the attitude about space tourism both within the student body and the French population in general. Another question asked Dr. Bukley was what her book would like on these subjects in ten years. Here, we learned that the goal is to make this into an online book and have it constantly updated to reflect changing times and changes within the industry. She made the point that it was not static. Listener Terry called in from Dallas, won the book given away by Apogee, and asked Dr. Bukley what she would like to do in space. This produced a most interesting discussion, don't miss it. We talked about space walks, weightlessness, and Angie used the terms the microgravity dance and choreography for such a dance. Angie suggested that she would like to just spend time looking out the windows but listen to her full comments in response to this question. What would you like to do when you go to space? Other listener questions addressed space markets and business, the subject of Chapter 11 of the book. Don't miss this discussion either. Space policy, space law and the regulatory environment came up and we also talked about the Next Generation Suborbital Research Conference underway in Boulder, CO that Angie was attending. In our commercial discussion, asteroid mining was brought up and Angie mentioned the ISU student publications and how to find them on the ISU website. Several people asked questions about attending ISU and the language of record which is English. Dr. Bukley outlined the application and admission standards, along with additional information about ISU so if you are interested in the program, listen carefully. Before the program concluded, I asked Dr. Bukley about Chapter 3: Space Stories. Here, we talked about the need for space stories from those that have been to space or work closely in the industry and how the stories help make the bond with us all about space. Dr. Angie Bukley can be contacted through the ISU website, Her direct email for comments and questions is



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