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Welcome to our last Open Lines program for 2017. During this two segment two hour discussion, we covered many topics including the initial topic with noted space attorney Michael Listner providing us with an excellent update on the Galloway Space Symposium  recently held in Washington, DC.  Michael talked about the speech by Dr. Scott Pace and his statement that Res Communis was not applicable to the Outer Space Treaty.  This was a real shocker but you can read about it at Space Policy Online: as Marcia Smith has done a superb job of summarizing the talk and his key points.  Michael also talked about Space Policy Directive 1 (SPD1) and its significance.  For example, our National Space Policy is still in play but with the SPD1 modification.  I asked Michael about the FAA interest in revising launch policy requirements. We also talked about The National Space Council.

Dr. Doug sent in an email saying he was still waiting for lunar return hardware to be planned, discussed and built rather than just hearing policy talk.  Don't miss what Michael and I said in response to Doug's email.  Your thoughts on this are welcome with a post on the blog.  John from Ft. Worth called to talk about returning to the Moon with SLS and Orion, not Falcon Heavy as Doug wanted to see happen.  I mentioned an article a friend sent me saying that a former NASA scientist said it might be harder and take longer to get to the Moon or Mars than the administration thinks or is planning.  The title of the article is "Former NASA Scientist Has Bad News  For Trump's Moon Dreams" and it can be read there:   John Hunt continued his discussion saying what was needed was the lunar lander and return vehicle.  John also talked about the news coming out in recent days regarding a secret, government mysterious UFO program during the Obama Administration.  John said he planned to review the GEM theory over the holidays as that interested him, plus he had comments about the recent show regarding the book on Vasimir.

In the second segment, Dr. Doug called to discuss his lunar ICE harvester (see his blog post for this show), his lunar lander display at the Cape for the FH initial launch, 3D printing and his thoughts on designating FH as America's Moon Rocket despite the government work and commitment regarding SLS and Orion.  He also reported on his efforts to contact SpaceX about his plans.

First time caller David from Seattle called to talk about seeing his first rocket launch, a Delta 2 launch from Vandenberg.  It was an interesting experience, plus he told us how to get to the viewing area if we wanted to see a Vandenberg launch.  While waiting for another call, Jessica sent in an email as what I thought of her idea that 2017 was a banner year for commercial space. I agreed with her but listen to her full question which I read on air and my complete answer.  Dr. Doug called back to talk about human centrifuge researchers.  He also referenced gravity positions for bedrest studies on Earth but in addition the Moon and Mars.  Don't miss what he said about this.  We talked for a few minutes about the need for knowing the gravity RX for humans if we really want to travel in long duration space and settle in space.  Adrian sent in a note before the program ended asking if Doug had considered certain technical characteristics of his ICE harvester. 

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17 Dec 2017
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