Broadcast 854 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

17 Dec 2007 Dr. Robert Zubrin
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Guest: Dr. Robert Zubrin. Dr. Robert Zubrin was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Zubrin started off the discussion by letting us know his plan for energy independence as detailed in his new book, "Energy Victory: Winning The War On Terror By Breaking Free Of Oil.” You can visit the book's website, for more information on this very important book. Bob's plan is simple and straight forward. Congress needs to enact legislation which requires all vehicles sold in the US in five years have flex fuel capable engines. This will provide consumers with a choice of using either gasoline or alcohol fuels. This consumer choice will ultimately weaken or destroy the oil cartel and will result in lower fuel prices. Listeners had many questions for Bob, including why he prefers methanol over ethanol and why not hydrogen, biodiesel, etc. Bob explains the why to each of these questions and, as he does in the book, exposes the misunderstandings surrounding the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel. Bob also refutes the claims that alcohol fuels are not economical to make and that there is not enough raw material in the US or anywhere else to produce sufficient quantities of ethanol to support the US transportation segment’s fuel usage. One listener pointed out that the use of grain and related materials for these fuels is driving up the price of some food in other nations, such as tortilla prices in Mexico, and he phrased his question to Bob as a choice of cars versus food. You will want to hear Bob's reply to this listener. We also discussed the VSE and how the Mars component, which as you will hear, seems to be absent from the vision and how NASA appears to be more concerned with a return to the lunar surface. We talked about how the Mars component would inspire Americans of all ages and would help to get us back on track with the VSE. Bob puts forth a most compelling case for a manned Mars mission, see if you agree with him. We also discussed the best way to advocate for space, for Mars, and even the energy program that Bob writes about in "Energy Victory.” Don't just write to your representative, go to their office in person, and meet with your elected member of Congress. Talk to the person. Talk to the staffer. Get them to listen to you about your concerns. He even suggests giving them a copy of the book or at least a summary of the program. In addition, Dr. Zubrin is working with regarding the flex fuel energy plan. Get involved with this organization and bring it to the attention of members of Congress. You can send your comments or questions to Dr. Zubrin at



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