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Guest:  Michael Listner;  Topics:  Who gets astronaut wings and why?  Michael's Space Review Article, "Is It Time To Create The Designation Of Non-governmental Astronaut" was discussed in detail.  The link to this article was posted on our blog for this show.

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We welcomed Michael Listner back to the program to discuss the subject of astronaut wings, who earns them, what they mean, and are their differences in astronaut wings, especially with the private space tourism flights.  Michael wrote an excellent article on this which you can see above and on our blog.  In addition, here is the URL for the article, I urge you to read this article before listening to this program as we closely tracked his article to this program's discussion.   To best summarize this program, see the tags and key words, repeated here: 

Tags/Key Words:  "Michael Listner, astronaut wings, non-governmental astronaut, legal definition of term astronaut, legal tests for being awarded astronaut wings, Outer Space Treaty (OST), Article 6 of the OST, rescuing for astronauts. Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX, Inspiration 4 flight, commercial astronaut wings, SpaceShipOne, crew member status, space shuttle crews, Dragon to ISS designation, The Moon Agreement, who pays for a rescue, United Kingdom policy, comparing oceans to space, The Space Review article by our guest."  Once again, I urge you to follow along with Michael's article.

One area Michael talked about was the legal test to classify one as an astronaut.  While this was described at length in his Space Review article, the test requires the person doing something while in space that benefits all countries, that the person has gone to space inside a space in a vehicle and finally the person must serve as an envoy of the nation making possible the space visit.  Let us know what you think of this test by posting on our blog.  Did the recent Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic flights meet the test to award astronaut wings to those aboard the respective spacecraft?  Share your thoughts with us by posting on the blog. 

Another issue discussed pertained to the upcoming SpaceX Inspiration 4 orbital flight.  Do you think the crew meets the smell test for astronauts?  Another topic of interest was the issuance of commercial astronaut wings.  Later we moved on to the next big topic, who pays for a rescue if one become necessary.  Don't miss this mini discussion.  Who do you think should pay for a space tourist or private sector astronaut rescue?

Michael summarized the discussion with additional important commentary.  Don't miss his proposed legislation on this topic as he modeled what a bill enabling the above policy would look like.  He included this sample bill at the end of his Space Review article.

Please post your comments/questions for this program on the website for this program.  You can read Michael Listner through me or through Michael's website, Space Law and Policy Solutions.




The legal definition of an astronaut, policy and legal updates

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17 Aug 2021 Michael Listner
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