Broadcast 1018 (Special Edition)

16 Sep 2008 Winston E. Scott
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Guest: Winston E. Scott (Capt. USN Ret.), former NASA Astronaut, returned for this Space Show program to discuss his "Win An Afternoon with Winston E. Scott, The Astronaut" contest. When a school buys his book, "Reflections From Earth Orbit", they enter the contest to win Capt. Scott for an afternoon. Capt. Scott will come to the school to talk with the students about space. Parents, grandparents, and others can buy and donate his book to the school and enter the school in the contest. The contest ends Oct. 31, 2008. If you would like me to send you the flyer for the contest, please send your request to During the interview with Capt. Scott, we asked about his personal reflections from space and covered many different topics ranging from spacewalks, spacesuits, to life-changing perspectives and emotions on looking back at Earth. We also talked about the sensations of height and speed when out for a space walk, the fit of the custom EMU suit, and much more. Issues of education and leadership came up, plus the money spent on going to space and the perspectives of the general public on space development. Winston was asked to tell us what he will do with the class that wins him for an afternoon and what he will talk about with the students and teachers. Lunar settlement came up, questions about thrust and comparison with taking off an aircraft carrier in an F-14, an F-18, and then the Space Shuttle were made. Don't miss what he has to say about these rides and their respective experiences. This is a fast moving, information, and action packed program. You will want to buy his book and a copy for your school after you spend 90 minutes with Winston Scott. If you have questions or comments for him, please send them to me at and I will forward them to Capt. Scott.



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