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Guest:  Dr. Erik Seedhouse:  Topics:  Erik's new book, "SpaceX: Starship To Mars The First 20 Years," SpaceX and Starship, SLS, human Mars mission, challenges for human Mars missions, launching from Boca Chica and much more.

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We welcomed Dr. Seedhouse back to the show for a discussion about his new book on SpaceX and Elon Musk, "SpaceX: Starship To Mars The First 20 Years." Erik talked about Starship, Boca Chica, the challenges in launching from Boca plus he even got listener question about opposition to launching the big rocket from the South Texas location.  Don't miss how Erik handled the caller's opposition.  Your thoughts on the matter are welcome so post them on our blog for this show.  In addition to talking Musk, SpaceX and Starship, multiple other topics were part of our overall 91 minute program.  The best way to concisely summarize them and the program is to once again refer you to the tags as they accurately describe the topics getting our primary attention though there were other topics that came up that are not mentioned in the tags so do listen to all of what Erik talked about.  I've repeated the tags below as a convenience for you.

Tags:  Dr. Erik Seedhouse, SpaceX: Starship To Mars The First 20 Years, nostalgia rocketry, Boca Chica, SLS, Starship path to Mars, 2024-26 Starship timeline, mission to Mars life support, Dragon and the ISS, ISS nitrox system, lithium hydroxide crystals exchange, space suits, EVA, Starship subsystem, shielding, polyethylene material, solar particles, GCR, vision and cognitive concerns, possible crew medical selection, Mars arrival plans and projects, childbirth on Mars, banking sperm and eggs, space taxi race, foreign participation, Dream Chaser, the Mars Mosiah, EDL as biggest risk, Earth to Mars radiation, Orion-SLS, Artemis mission, Starship as human lander for Artemis, Blue Origin, Orbital Reef, New Glenn rocket, SpaceX orbital tourism, lunar return timeline, SpaceX and orbital tourism.  Our guest explained why he tagged Elon Musk as the ?Mars Messiah, plus we talked extensively about Starship engines, the Falcon 9 success, Starlink plus we even got a question-comment on plans for SpaceX with an Elon Musk at the helm. 

Note that this summary was posted a few days late. By then several listeners had heard the archives and took issue with some of what our guest had to say.  Check out the blog comments because most of what they have focused on has not been added to this summary.

Other topics included the Starship Mars EDL being the biggest Mars challenge, the lunar return timeline, even a question about Dream Chaser, SpaceX and tourism. 

Please post  your comments/questions for Dr. Seedhouse on our blog for this show.  You can reach our guest through me or his faculty page (see his bio).




Eric discusses his new SpaceX/Musk book and more.

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16 Oct 2022 Dr. Erik Seedhouse
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