Broadcast 405 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Oct 2005 Mr. Rick Tumlinson
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Rick Tumlinson returned to The Space Show to discuss space vision, The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) and its coming conference in Los Angeles from Oct. 21-23, and much more. While discussing the SFF conference, Rick was joined by Krysta Paradis who is managing and coordinating the conference. For more information about the conference, visit In addition to promoting the conference, Mr. Tumlinson explained why space development is important for everyone, not just for NASA and a few interested advocates. You will absolutely want to hear his response to the questions asked him about the value and importance of space development and the private sector. In response to other questions, Mr. Tumlinson talked about NASA, Dr. Griffin as Administrator and the role with the private-sector. We talked at length about the plan NASA will implement to go back to the Moon and why Rick and others are less than excited about it given that most likely it will not be a sustainable program or lead to space settlement. We talked about the cost of going to LEO by the private sector versus NASA and the cost for the private sector to reach the Moon versus NASA. You will not want to miss Rick's discussion on these important subjects. Mr. Tumlinson was also asked why the Space Frontier Foundation withdrew from the group of space advocate organizations known as the Space Exploration Alliance (SEV) and his answered demonstrated the way SFF walks its talk! Mr. Tumlinson remained with Space Show listeners for added time to update us on his new organization, the Institute for Space Law and Policy. In his update, he told about the work the Institute will do regarding the ITAR problem and he again told the story of how ITAR did in the Mir Space Station and his private sector efforts to save it as a commercial space station. In response to a listener question at the end of the program, Mr. Tumlinson was asked about helping to change the NSF policy of not permitting alternative launch fees in their grant applications. Finally, one listener from Texas asked Rick the following questions: "Besides yourself, who is around to be the next Gerard O'Neill?" Though Rick Tumlinson comes from a rich heritage of Texas Rangers and Alamo fighters, he was humbled by the question. This alone is cause to listen to and keep this show in your archives. Listeners can follow up with Rick Tumlinson by sending him an e-mail at or by seeing him at the SFF Conference in Los Angeles this weekend.



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