Broadcast 279 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Nov 2004 Dr. Thomas Matula
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Dr. Tom Matula returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss his latest proposal, the Space Markets Act of 2005. This proposed law is designed to stimulate within the U.S., the demand for sub-orbital and orbital launch services. During the program, Dr. Matula explained his proposed Act and answered many questions about it from listeners. In the process, he agreed to establish a type of BBB or another mechanism to allow for feedback and suggestions from the public to fine tune the wording and the proposal so that eventually it can be submitted to members of Congress and advocate organizations as it opens news pathways to developing these important new industries. In the process of discussing his proposed Act, Dr. Matula also defined "sustainable" space industry and in the process of his doing this, provided interesting examples and an informative discussion. Toward the end of the program, Dr. Matula, at my request, explained his space development bank concept again and brought it current in light of today's interest rates and emerging commercial space industry. We also talked about his presentation in Las Vegas this past summer at the Return to the Moon Conference wherein he draws upon his marketing expertise to explain why it is so important to market space to the public rather than sell it. Tom and I have much in common regarding this point has his RTM presentation is similar to a presentation I made at a Mars Conference several years ago. We both concur that it is crucial to listen to what people say about space, not tell them about space. In his RTM presentation, which is available as a Power Point by emailing me (with Tom's permission), he cites an interesting survey on what the public believes the nation's space goals should be. You will not want to miss this survey. Dr. Tom Matula is a resource The Space Show will certainly draw upon more frequently.



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