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Guest:  Rebecca Hahn; Topics:  Rebecca's graduate work on mapping, cataloging and studying the volcanoes on Venus.  We also compared them to volcanoes elsewhere in the solar systems and discussed many other questions, issues and concerns regarding the planet Venus. 

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We welcomed Rebecca (Becca) Hahn to the program to discuss her graduate work regarding her study of volcanoes on Venus, her Venus volcano catalog, her mapping and identification of all 85,000 volcanoes on Venus plus her study of the planet in general.  As I have done with other programs, I suggest following the Tags for the major and significant topics discussed on this program. For your convenience, I have repeated the tags below.

Tags:  Venus, volcanoes on Venus, Venus cloud settlement, types of volcanoes on Venus, radar imaging, magma on Venus, CO2, Mars volcanoes, Earth volcanoes, compare and contrast Venus volcanoes with those on Mars and Earth, the DAVINCI mission to Venus, Geospatial Information Science (GSI) software, spacial distribution of volcanoes on Venus, Magellan data, Venus volcano catalog, comprehensive' map of volcanoes on Venus, 85,000 Venus volcanoes, lava tubes on Venus, internal pressure inside Venus, living inside the planet Venus, Venus for entrepreneurs, collapsed volcanoes on Venus, impact craters on Venus, no liquid water on Venus, runaway green house gas effect on Venus, additional new upcoming missions to Venus, USGS maps, life on Venus, finding active volcanoes on Venus, Venus surface resurfaced by lava flows.

In addition to following the tags, I suggest you visit the Washington University of St. Louis website, "Scientists share ‘comprehensive’ map of volcanoes on Venus — all 85,000 of them" at  Do a search for "Rebecca Hahn Venus volcanoes," you will get to her paper and the catalog at  Becca has many other web references and interviews on the subject of Venus volcanoes.

Becca went over multiple Venus topics with us, including the possibility of having a settlement someday in the clouds around the 50-mile point in the atmosphere of Venus.  A big part of the conversation was her work with the old Magellan data which was being enhanced plus it was only radar imaging as there is no photographic imaging of the surface of Venus.  This is because of the extreme pressures and temperatures at the surface and our limited technology to work at or even near the surface. The very thick clouds would need to be penetrated by the imaging systems but we are not yet there with our technology. Rebecca had lots to say on these matters so do listen to her comments. Also mentioned was the fact that a few of the new missions planned for Venus in the coming decade have plans and technology to at least survive on the surface to get some photographic imaging. Again, don't miss her commentary.

Becca fielded many email questions plus a call from Marshall asking if there were lava tubes on Venus that might enable humans to one day live in the lava tube under the surface.  I urge you to listen to her reply to Marshall as it might surprise you.  Some of the listener emails wanted Becca to compare and contrast the volcanoes on Venus with those on both Mars and Earth.  These were good discussions throughout our 78-minute program.  Since she mentioned magma and lava flows early in the program we were not surprised when an early listener question came in about magma being on fire but no O2.  Becca talked about what she meant by magma, how it differed from magma we might think of here on earth, plus she said there were no signs of eruptive volcanoes.  They produced a type of lava flow similar to what we saw with the recent Kilauea eruption.

Becca spent significant time with us explaining her use of Geospatial Information Science (GIS) software in her work.  You don't want to miss her GIS discussions and explanations.  Also, her use of the NASA Magellan mission data which was used to help create the only comprehensive global catalog of volcanoes on Venus, all 85,000. By the way, the raw data plus her catalog and research is publicly available.  Follow her instructions for access if interested.  Note that much of this data is actually housed at her university, Washington University of St. Louis.

Please post your comments/questions for Rebecca Hahn on the blog for this show.  You can reach her through The Space Show, her paper which is widely available on the net plus she has a grad student page at WU of St. Louis in the Earth and Planetary Science division of the school.




The volcanos of Venus

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16 May 2023 Rebecca Hahn
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