Broadcast 338 (Special Edition)

16 May 2005 James A. M. Muncy
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Jim Muncy of PoliSpace was the guest for the first hour with the remaining half-hour dedicated to open lines. Mr. Muncy started out his discussion by talking about the new NASA Administrator, Dr. Michael Griffin. Mr. Muncy went into some detail to point out the favorable characteristics and plans that Dr. Griffin brings with him and the positive steps he has taken so far regarding NASA, the implementation of the President's vision, and how to make is sustainable and a commercial space enabler. Mr. Muncy also talked about the International Space Station and its proposed usefulness for the commercial sector and for helping to implement the vision policy. I asked Jim to tell us about his new activity with t/Space and we had an excellent discussion about enabling programs by NASA to further space commerce. In response to questions, Mr. Muncy talked about the t/Space team and more. Mr. Muncy was also asked about range fees and the overall status of federal ranges. You will not want to miss what he had to say about this important infrastructure. We concluded his his hour on The Space Show with a frank discussion about ITAR, its importance, and the problems and risks this program presents to our commercial space program. ITAR might be the most important issue to resolve if we are going to fully develop our commercial space potential. If not, we may see this potential go to another country. The final half-hour was devoted to open lines. I fielded questions from listeners regarding the cost per kilo to orbit and the International Space Station. Mr. Muncy will be returning to The Space Show later this year for a full program.



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