Broadcast 962 (Special Edition)

16 Jun 2008 Barbara Sprungman-David
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Guest: Barbara Sprungman David was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss her new book, "Kids To Space: Mission Plans, An Educator's Guide." Barbara co-authored this book with Lonnie Schorer and this book is a follow-on to Lonnie's earlier book "Kids To Space: A Space Traveler's Guide." Please listen to the earlier Space Show with Lonnie from May 19, 2006 located at: . During this discussion with Barbara David, we covered many aspects of space education, teachers, the curriculum, finding time to teach space in the classroom, inspiring both kids and teachers, and even addressing the strange problem of finding the subject of space to be used as a "dumbbell course" for low achieving students. We talked about ways to make space education interesting and fun and how to communicate to teachers and school boards that space should be an important part of the curriculum. Drawing on the earlier book authored by Lonnie Schorer, we mentioned some of the most frequently asked questions by kids regarding space. We also talked about getting the books and the issue of teaching space before the NEA and even at the two political conventions coming up this August. If you are a teacher or educator or have a friend who is, this is a must hear show because it is important to have the space properly taught in the schools, starting as early as grade school. You can find out more about "Kids To Space Mission Plans: An Educator's Guide" at If you want to get in touch with Barbara David about this subject, the books, or teaching space in the school system, please do so at



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