Broadcast 732 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Jun 2007 David Beaver, Frank White
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Frank White and David Beaver were the guests for this Space Show program which first aired on Wednesday, June 13 and is a replay program for Sunday, June 17, 2007. This program is also part of the ongoing Space Show series, "Our Spiritual Connection to Outer-space." We started the discussion with David updating us on the upcoming Overview Effect conference in Washington, DC on July 18. For all conference information including registration and hotel registration, please visit and follow the appropriate instructions. There is still time to register and to get the hotel at Overview Effect rates. Note that the Overview Effect registration is a separate registration from the overall Space Frontier Foundation SFF NewSpace 2007 Conference, but its part of the same form. As you will hear, David tells us about the upcoming Overview Effect conference, the goals and purpose of the conference, some of the speakers planned and the interaction wanted with those attending and those speaking and directly participating in the one day conference. Frank White was then asked to give us a definition of the Overview Effect which he coined in his famous book by the same name. Frank's discussion opened the listener floodgates with questions about the Overview Effect, our space consciousness, problems in space such a long term spaceflight disconnection from Earth and we showed how the solution to this and other problems lies in the very essence of the meaning of the Overview Effect. We learned from both Frank and David that the Overview Effect has been confirmed by astronauts as being most powerful for those who are opened to it and the experience but that everyone in space is impacted by it. We also talked about virtualizing the Overview Effect for Second Life and other possible new virtual outlets. Stay tuned for this to happen. I believe this is a different kind of Space Show, somewhat different in topic and focus from those programs centering in on science, engineering, business, etc. Here, we talked about the importance of space for humanity and more important, why? We examined metaphors for the value of space and its importance, metaphors that were derived from the scientific and medical solutions to space human factors problems, to the Earth on its own, and also to Mother and child from birth through the full human potential. This is a thoughtful, insightful, and very important discussion that you should listen to. If you are not familiar with Frank's book, "The Overview Effect, " I urge you to get a copy and read it. To send comments and questions to Frank and David, you can do so through me at David Beaver is available at and this is also listed on the Overview Effect webpage for this conference.



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