Broadcast 127 (Special Edition)

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Dr. John Bossard has been actively involved in both experimental rocketry as well as homebuilt aircraft. During this interview, Dr. Bossard discusses his ideas for a homebuilt aerospace plane which will provide alternative, low cost, suborbital space access for many people. We discuss the rockets, licensing requirements, flight patterns for such aircraft, and lots of philosophy and vision. This is a very interesting program, offering Space Show listeners something new to ponder in terms of our gaining access to space and becoming space-faring. Dr. Bossard also discusses his ideas associated with the forum talk he gave at EAA Airventure in 1999 (Oshkosh), as well as other topics of interest relating to low cost space access and man’s explosion off the planet.



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16 Jun 2003 Dr. John Bossard
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