Broadcast 523 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Jul 2006 John Spencer
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John Spencer returned to The Space Show to update us on matters concerning space tourism. We began the interview with John summarizing space tourism developments since he was last on the show in August 2005. We spoke about suborbital tourism, the companies involved in the suborbital vehicle programs, and his yacht plans which John is well known for and which he as written about in his book, "Space Tourism - Do You Want To Go?" The book, published in 2004 by Apogee, is still available and is a must read for those of you interested in space tourism. John also talked about NASA and its role in space tourism, the private sector, inflatable structures vs. external tanks, and lots more. You can find more out about John, space tourism and his work by visiting his website, In addition, you can learn more about his Mars simulation plans and his business venture, Red Planet Ventures by visiting John Spencer can be reached by email with your comments and questions at



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