Broadcast 655 (Special Edition)

16 Jan 2007 Dr. Sam Dinkin
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Dr. Sam Dinkin was the guest this morning for this special Space Show program to discuss the new venture, Free Space Shot ( You could hear the excitement about this venture in Sam's voice, in the speed at which he was on top of every question, in the assurance that Free Space Shot was delivering the possibility to any and all who want to go to space and are willing to engage skill for the opportunity. Sam began the show by describing Free Space Shot, how it works, what the prizes are, how they are paid, when the flights will be available, etc. Listeners had lots of questions for him about the logistics, security for their children playing, website, parental, and teacher controls and much more. We talked about the availability of lesson plans for both teachers and parents to use for promoting Free Space Shot in schools and throughout the educational system. Sam also responded to listener questions about possible Rocketplane flight delays regarding the COTS part of Kistler Rocket Plane, we talked about making a trip around the Moon in a Soyuz, and even a person wanting to win the college financial support to give to his grandchildren. If you are interested in going to space, check out this program, Learn how to predict the weather, be the best at it, and you might be the one to make a trip around the Moon or visit space on one of the new spaceplanes being built by the new generation space entrepreneurs. You can contact Dr. Dinkin at 1 888 434-6546 or by email using Send him your questions and comments and by all means, let him know how you like playing Free Space Shot.



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