Broadcast 298 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Jan 2005 Shubber Ali
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Shubber Ali returned to The Space Show for this program to update us on important developments with AstroVision Australia and the Australian space business community. Not only did AstroVision Australia become a publicly traded company on the Australian stock exchange, the company has announced its program to launch geostationary satellites for weather and other purposes. Mr. Ali discussed in some detail this program and the technology of the satellites. You will certainly want to hear about it given the wide ranging impact it will have across the Asian-Pacific platform and elsewhere. Depending on specifics at the time of the launch, the satellites will go to orbit on either a Falcon V or the Ariane and Shubber provided interesting details on this aspect of their program as well. Shubber also announced that he is writing a book, "Atoms and Electrons." From the discussion about his upcoming book, we embarked upon a rather detailed and comprehensive examination of the emerging space business, alternative launch companies such as SpaceX, space tourism, rockets, economics, and physics, and the defense department in space. This was an eye opening discussion for sure, you will definitely not want to miss it, and while many of you will think that Shubber Ali deserves to be tagged as the cynical person of the space industry, stop, really ponder what he says and consider the roots of the problems he clearly brings to the Space Show audience. I assure you, it is thought provoking at the very least. I personally look forward to Shubber returning to The Space Show later this year, not only for updates on AstroVision Australia and the Australian space industry, but for more of more of his stimulating, thought provoking and very well grounded evaluations and analysis. If you want to send your comments or thoughts to Mr. Ali, I will be glad to forward them to him or you can probably do so through the AstroVision Australia website,



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