Broadcast 853 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Dec 2007 Dr. Clark Lindsey
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Guest: Dr. Clark Lindsey. Dr. Clark Lindsey was the guest for this Space Show program which focused on a summary of New Space developments in 2007 and a look forward to possible developments in 2008. In the discussion with Clark, listeners asked him specific questions about New Space rhetoric in 2007 versus what was said in previous years, Bigelow Aerospace, Mars crew habitats and its radiation shielding, the NASA COTS competition and its potential influence on presidential candidates, and much more. Clark took a look at many of the successes and some of the setbacks of 2007, and put forth the opinion that the space industry had taken two steps forward and probably one step backward. We discussed space tourism, various company flight schedules, and the seemingly always 2 year timetable until suborbital commercial flight is available. Clark also addressed rocket safety and how equipment failures are actually more routine than we give them credit for and just part of the development stage. He then provided examples of other risky ventures which often end in either death or injury, but there is little or no talk of regulating those activities and certainly not to the extent of regulations dealing with commercial spaceflight. You will want listen to what he has to say about this subject and hear the examples he cites. I'm confident you will agree with what he has to say about this very important topic. We also talked about his ventures,, and Clark seemed to agree to continue his fantastic job at least until we have routine commercial space tourism and lunar travel. This is outstanding news for us all and for the space industry. In another very important part of this interview, one listener asked about transparency in the New Space Industry and compared it to her investment experience in other fields. Clark did an excellent job in responding to her concerns and you will certainly be interested in hearing what he has to say. We also talked about prizes, X Prize Cup, and Clark took a look down the road into 2008 for us. If you wish to contact Dr. Clark Lindsey with additional questions, comments, or information about his online news services, please use and put “The Space Show” in the subject line.



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