Broadcast 2759 Wal Thornhill

16 Aug 2016 Wal Thornhill
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We welcomed Wal Thornhill to the program to explain and discuss the Electric Universe (EU) Model in alternative cosmology.  For more information, please visit these EU websites:, and other sites listed at  Note that this Space Show program was the result of my having received about a dozen listener requests over the past several months for a program focused on EU.  One thing in common with all the requests I received was that they were followers of the EU theory, that it was simple, it made sense and they could actually understand it.  None of those requesting the show were from the science or engineering communities.

During the first segment of our 95 minute program, Wal introduced us to the Electric Universe Model (EU) in alternative cosmology.  He then explained what was wrong or off with modern scientific theory and understanding and why the simple, elegant approach to cosmology of EU was the best route to go to studying these fields.  He was also very critical of our science education, the use of math equations, & the discovery of particles that he dismissed for reasons you will hear in the discussion and much more.  He talked at length about the Big Bang not being a valid theory as red shift has been misunderstood.  He mentioned multiple books and authors for interested people to read in support of what he was talking about during this first segment.  The entire fist segment was more or less an explanation and defense of EU, the physics involved, and the poor state of our academic systems for science education.  This approach continued when he responded to listener emails in the first segment.

Near the end of the first segment, Adrian in San Diego send in a hard hitting note that was very critical of EU and some of the things the guest was saying.  I read Adrian's email in full so listen to it and note the reply by our guest to Adrian's hard hitting comments and analysis so far.

In the second segment of the program, I asked our guest about news coming from UCI on the possible discovery of a Fifth Force.  Wal had not seen the news or any articles on this but he did comment on the forces because in the EU model, there is only 1 force.  He explained the EU concept on the forces from conventional cosmology in detail. 

Kim from Mexico called to say she was having a hard time with his model due to the lack of math equations and the expression of relationships. Kim and Wal had an interesting exchange as Wal responded to Kim's comments.  What do you think of this exchange?

After a few other topics discussed by our guest, John Hunt called from Ft. Worth. He too was having a hard time with the physics and lack of information for EU as discussed by our guest.  Wal repeated his earlier statement saying that the use of math in cosmology "leads you astray."  At one point, John was talking about the photon and Wal said they were not necessary or essential in the EU mode.  He said this was true for all particles ending in "on."  He said they were imaginary.  Do not miss the complete exchange with John and Wal.  It was a good one.

Many times during our discussion with Wal, he recommended the book by Halton Arp titled "Seeing Red."  For those of you interested in pursuing information in support of EU, our guest provided a lengthy reading list over the course of our 95 minute exchange.  So much of what our guest talked about negated the Big Bang Theory and supported his belief that modern science was not correctly understanding red shift and physics.  In this context, he said we were likely in a static universe or our universe was steady state and balanced by the push and pull of gravity.  Throughout the program in both segments, Wal had much to say about gravity and electro-magnetism.

To conclude our discussion, Wal told us parts of his personal story, search, and discovery efforts for the EU model.  It is an interesting story you will want to hear.  Please post your comments/questions in the comments section for this archived program on TSS website.  You can reach Wal Thornhill through his websites or me.  




The Electric Universe

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