Broadcast 756 (Special Edition)

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SmallSat Conference interviews make up this special recorded Space Show program. While at SmallSat, I interviewed just a few of those attending to get their perspective on either what they were doing at the Conference and why they were there, or their views on small satellites and updates regarding space development. For example, the first interview was conducted at the booth representing the Reagan Test Site at Kwajalein Island ( Most listeners will recognize this location as the launch site for the SpaceX Falcon 1 rocket. However, this interview with Jack McCreary is far more comprehensive than just what SpaceX does at the site, plus we start the interview with a continuation of the history of the Wendover Air Base as Jack was stationed there when Robert Golka was doing Tesla coil experiments at Wendover. You must hear this fist hand report of witnessing these experiments! Learning about the full role of the Reagan Test Site is important for our space development community, as well as our national defense. This special program also talked with several of the Utah State students and some in charge of their famous Space Science Lab. Leonard David of spent 30 minutes with us, wine in hand, during the SpaceX party. We also spoke with Rich Glover who is the CEO of a start-up making space water, sports and energy drinks. Find out about his marketing approach for getting repeat customers. He flew his products on the UP rocket that flew on April 28, 2007 out of Spaceport America. And speaking of UP Aerospace, Eric Knight joins us for a discussion and new information about the UP plans for upcoming and future launch activity. One of my favorite interviews for this program was with two of the people from SpaceX manning their booth at SmallSat. Here we meet Roger Gilbertson who the new Media Coordinator and Lauren Dreyer who is in their Texas location as a Business Development Engineer (you can find their email addresses at This is a great discussion about issues and topics not normally brought up when I do a Space X program with either Elon or Gwynne but I promise you, this is a Space X interview that you will not want to miss. If you want to send questions or comments to those being interviewed, if they provided contact information or email addresses, please use them. Otherwise send your comments and questions through me at and I will be glad to forward them to your intended person. Due to the many people interviewed for this program, the bio section for this archive is not applicable. However, for past Space Show guests, you can refer to their bios from their previous programs.



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16 Aug 2007 Jack McCreary, Leonard David, Eric Knight, Roger Gilbertson
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