Broadcast 1224 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Tim Lawrence, Carry Ralston, other ATK and NASA officials. Topic: Ares 1 solid rocket motor test, Ares 1 rocket. This is a series of taped interviews starting with the first attempt to do the Ares 1 five segment static SRB rocket test on August 27. The test was aborted at T-20 seconds due to an improperly working Thrust Vector Control ground control piece of equipment. You will hear two interviews with Tim Lawrence, Assistance Chief of Engineering for Ares 1 from the Marshall Spaceflight Center and also Carry Ralston who is the VP of Space Launch at ATK. As the test was aborted, what follows next is the joint ATK-NASA press conference following the aborted test. I realize the press conference audio is not of high quality as all I could do was hold the microphone up in the air but you should be able to hear it OK. Pay attention to the press/media questions and responses. The second part of the program starts with the second test effort on Sept. 10, 2009 which was successful. We lead off with the NASA-ATK press conference explaining in detail the problem that aborted the first test. Again, listen to the media questions. The media was then taken to the rocket and I did follow up interviews with Tim and Carry. Next is the countdown for the test and the actual successful test. You will hear the rocket engine noise from where the media was stationed, about 1.5 miles from the actual rocket. At the end of the program we have the ATK-NASA press conference going over the successful test. Again, press conference audio is not of high quality given the way I had to record the program. Each segment is separated from the previous section by about 7 seconds of dead air. If you have questions or comments about anything you hear on this program or want to send a comment or question to any of the people interviewed or you heard in the press conference, please send your note to me at and I will do my best to forward your note and get you a response.



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15 Sep 2009 Tim Lawrence, Carry Ralston
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