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Guest: John Jossy. Topics:  The overall theme for this program was “Why Settle Space” per the blog Space Settlement Progress by John Jossy. We discussed the many contributing settlement vision statements submitted to John’s blog. The post is also on TSS blog for this show.  Check it out to read the mission statements submitted. Additional questions on various topics were fielded re the vision statements and ideas.

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Welcome to this special program with John Jossy regarding his collection of Why Settle Space vision and comments by those submitting same to his blog. Please see his blog commentary posted on this site.  In addition, refer to the Tags, repeated below for your convenience, regarding the discussion highlights for this program.

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As we started our program, John explained to us why he decided to survey key people about space settlement on his blog.  Many of those surveyed have been Space Show guests but others were not though I now been sending them invitations to be a guest on the program.  John mentioned on air the key space visions for giants such as Bezos, Musk, Tumlinson and a few others though none are part of the blog commentary.  He then highlighted many of the contributors to his blog survey.  Rather than go through John’s summary for each contributor, for the purposes of this summary I will hit on some highlights from my perspective.

In talking highlights, Dr. Peter Hague brought up the matter of the need for the public to support space settlement.  As host of TSS, I have been asking questions about public support matters for the commercial/private sector space for years.  Recently, guest Bob Werb made communicating with non-space folks the major topic of his program.  The subject has come up on other programs with additional guests, all without a definitive answer.  I’m also doing a peer review for a paper to be published on the topic of support for commercial space and the private sector.  Peter’s statement was an important one concerning the matter of needing or not needing public support for our space agenda, I do believe there are no good answers.  That said, in general it is probably better to have support as longs as that support does not come at the cost of a punitive expense. I’m sure this will continue to be a topic of interest on Space Show programs. 

When John talked about Rick Tumlinson in his introduction, he mentioned Rick’s presentation about “Permission to Dream.”  I concur that this is important and essential in space settlement but if one expects an outcome from great dreams, then the permission to dream freedom has to be available to people who have the opportunity to make their dream become reality.  I urge you to read my contribution to John’s blog if you are interested in what I had to say on this specific topic within the overall space settlement topic.

I thought the discussion on motivation being missing was a key ingredient necessary for space settlement to happen.  Listeners suggested that the statements and concepts for space settlement lacks the fire to motivate.  I personally concur.  Not only does the vision have to motivate but it has to inspire and contain a call to action. What do you think of this? Post your comments on our blog and if you read all the contributions on John’s blog, let us know which ones have it and which ones in your opinion fall short the call to action, motivation, and inspiration components.

There were several contributions that combined settlement with industrial-like development.  Caller Rick suggested that settlement was different than industrial development.  This led to interesting discussions on the program with those sending in emails along with calling.  Once again, let us know what you think about manufacturing combined and merged with space settlement. 

As we were ending this very long program, Dr. Doug called in to supplement is contribution to John’s blog.  He had much to say about manufacturing and settlement but also noted that there was a clear distinction between the two.  Listen to all of what Doug had to say. By the way, most of those participating in the show were settlement destination agnostic though many thought there would be more lunar opportunity at first over Mars and in-space opportunity.  Finally, I thought the late call by Fort Worth John suggesting we need better space travel and transportation technologies was right on the spot.  Others mentioned that the future for all of this may lie in AI. 

Please post your comments/questions for this nearly 2 hour program on our Space Show blog for this show.  Let me know if you want to get in touch with Mr. Jossy or the other callers for the program.





#4103 Space Settlement with John's survey and multiple blog responses which are on his blog and TSS site. See his blog at Space Settlement Progress.

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15 Oct 2023 John Jossy
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