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Guest:  Dr. John Brandenburg; Topics:  Large nuclear explosions on Mars, Martian atmospheric physics, X-129 and H Bomb signatures, super nova signature, other Martian atmospheric isotopes, Mars rover discoveries and more.

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We welcomed back to the show Dr. John Brandenburg to update us with some new information pertaining to his hypothesis about large nuclear bomb like explosions on Mars hundreds of million years ago.  John started the discussion by once again going over the R Process.  He has done this on many previous Space Show programs so I will just say listen to the significance of R process during his discussion.  You need to understand it to understand the hypothesis in question.  John talked about the gasses and their percentages found in the Martian atmosphere with a focus on Xe 129.  This is crucial so listen to all of his Xenon discussion.  He mentions other chemicals as well so this part of the interview, approximately half of it, was crucial to the entire interview and John's work. 

The new material he wanted to tell us about came from new papers reporting Argon 40 on Mars plus Nitrogen 15 and what that might mean.  Argon is a noble gas so be sure to pay attention.  Listen to what he says about it with nuclear weapons along with Nitrogen 15.  His discussion regarding these gasses and specific isotopes was the important new information John was sharing with us.  Once again, it is essential to listen to all of what John said to put it all together and comprehend what John was telling us and talking about.  In this discussion, John pointed out other supporting information including gamma rays and potassium.

The last part of the discuss took place when I asked John to be specific and tell us what he would do and how he would do it were he leading a team to go to Mars to validate this idea.  First, John said it was essential to go there, an imperative, soon not later, because we needed to learn what happened so we make sure it does not happen on Earth.  Next, he said we needed to establish a base on the moon Phobos.  He explained why so when you hear his idea, post your thoughts about what he is suggestion by commenting on our blog.  We want to hear from you on this matter.  From a Phobos base, a three man exploration scientific team would go to the surface of Mars in the two vicinities that show up as bright spots for the large nuclear blast. They need to dig or penetrate about 3 meters in the ground along with doing atmospheric and surface material analysis.  John took the time to explain his full program along with why setting up a base on Phobos was so important.  If you want to know what he would do in terms of the science to study what happened on an objective scientific basis, I urge you to not miss a word of his detailing his plan.  Just before we ended due to John having to report to another interview, Tim asked him if he had talked to Musk about helping out in this process.  The short answer was no.

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John has important updates for his on his Mars nuclear work. See the special start time which is 15 minutes early.

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15 Nov 2022 Dr. John Brandenburg
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