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We welcomed back Bob Zimmerman for this 2 hour 1 minute discussion on the probable space policy in the Trump administration.  Bob speculated on who the NASA administrator might be, the same for other relevant cabinet and key positions that might impact space, plus what the budget for NASA may look like in the new administration.  He talked about a move to streamline, cut costs, and make things more cost effective. He also mentioned major changes in the Earth science area for both NASA and NOAA.  This latter topic was a significant part of the first segment discussion with Bob.  Bob said that public-private partnerships would be substantial in the administration as they support a move to being more cost-effective with space programs and projects.  NASA Mars plans were mentioned as was the Asteroid Redirect Mission, deep space mining and more. 

Bob got several email questions from listeners.  Tim wanted to know how nuclear propulsion might do in a Trump administration.  The possible cancellation of Orion was mentioned as was a possible later on SLS cancellation.  Joe inquired about a news story about Russian putting a centrifuge in space and the small rodent centrifuge on the ISS that NASA wants to use for gravity experiments.  We talked about the essential need to determine the gravity RX for human spaceflight.  Dr. Doug sent in a note about the pro Moon speech given by Rep. Bridenstine.  Bob was not familiar with the speech but read it during the break and commented on it during the second segment of today's program.  John  Hunt from Ft. Worth also called during the first segment.

Wanda sent in a note about the National Geographic mini-series Mars.  I talked about it some, thought it was not that impressive but Bob had not seen it.   SpaceX return to flight came up as did the NASA concern about SpaceX having crew on board when fueling the rocket.  Don't miss what Bob had to say about this.

In the second segment, Bob talked about the Bridenstine talk on going to the Moon that Doug brought up in the first segment.  He pointed out parts he liked and disliked in what the congressman said.  Luis from Venezuela emailed in to comment some more on the Mars mini-series. Jane asked Bob about his climate comments from the first segment in the context of recent news stories with France and the UN warning Trump not to pull out of the Paris accords on climate less they punish the U.S. with tariffs. . Bob did respond to Jane's question so don't miss what he said.

Near the end of the show, I asked Bob what to be on the look out for as 2016 draws to a close.  He said the SpaceX return to flight.  He was then asked about the N. Korea missile program, then he commented on the space programs for China,, Russia, India, Japan and ESA.  Before the end of the program, Bob talked more about the OST and Luxembourg trying to do an end run around it for their investments in deep space mining.  Our last caller, John in Redding, talked about radiation and the gravity RX needed for astronauts.  Bob and I both responded on the gravity issues plus Bob answered one of John's questions about Curiosity by giving us his rover report.

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15 Nov 2016 Robert Zimmerman
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