Broadcast 961 (Special Edition)

15 Jun 2008 Andrew M. Thorpe
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Guest : Andrew Thorpe, author of "The Commercial Space Station: Methods and Markets" was the guest for this Space Show program. To learn more about Andrew's books and work, please visit his website: We began our discussion with Andrew explaining why the current ISS is not the commercial space station he talks about in his book. You will want to hear this distinction. We then discussed a series of potential markets in space including microgravity, protein crystal growth, space tourism, and more. Our discussion then shifted to some of the human factors issues involved in keeping humans in space for a period of time. Two of the major issues that came up due to listener questions were bone loss and radiation. You will want to hear this discussion as some of the listeners steeped in human factors expertise took Andrew and some of the other listeners to task with very challenging and direct questions. The same was true regarding some of the comments made about space tourism, especially those suggesting it might be the killer commercial space application. Listen and you decide. Andrew Thorpe's book provides important reasons and an understanding of the value of having a good commercial space station available for businesses to use. All of us profit with such a station. His book is widely available and I suggest you read it. If you have further questions or comments for Andrew Thorpe, you can reach him through the email address on his website,



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